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Do what you do best and leave the online business management to me.

because scaling your biz should never be a one-woman job.

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without any of things you don't want to do!




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Let the DiaGurl Process help your business create an elevated client experience.


Online Business Management

Consulting Packages Available

As your Online Business Manager, I’ll be your go-to girl for all things Operations, Project, and Team Management.

Facebook & Instagram ad Management

3 Month Packages Available

I will create a custom Facebook Ads strategy for your business to help you drive brand awareness and hit your revenue goals.



Virtual event management

Custom Packages Available

I will manage the entire event process for you from START to FINISH so you can spend less time stressing out and more time doing #CEOthings

my Story...

I knew I deserved more respect and was literally fed up!

Before I was an Online Business Manager, I actually spent much of my career as a 3rd Steam Engineer in corporate America.

Being one of the few women in engineering, I was constantly passed over for promotions even though I was confident in my knowledge of the field.

But despite all this, I hesitated to pull the trigger and strike out on my own.

That is until I became a Mom.

Ever since then, I was committed to showing my daughter what it means to be FEARLESS and COURAGEOUS.

This pushed me to take a leap of faith to start my own company. I wanted my daughter to see that I wasn’t afraid of taking more control of my life and working for myself.

Now as a Certified Online Business Manager, I always bring with me the same drive, passion, and conviction to help your business reach new heights.

Ready to work together? I’m pretty sure that in no time, “Let me ask Dia” will be your new favorite catchphrase.

Dia Colley of diagurl custom virtual services

"As an executive, Dia helped to maintain my very busy schedule, while also making significant advances for our team with planning and structure."

I love working with DiaGurl Custom Virtual Services because of the convenience and time-saving effects. As an executive, Dia helped to maintain my very busy schedule, while also making significant advances for our team with planning and structure. Our organization is largely indebted to Diagurl Custom Virtual Services for providing the administrative building blocks in our early formation. This base remains an integral part of our foundation. I can assure you, your team will be better at any stage by choosing DiaGurl to support your efforts!

Dexter Sullivan,

President of The BLAC

Non-Profit Organization

Own your ceo role

I take things off your plate so you can bring more to the table

What are the benefits of working with dia

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  1. Efficient systems and processes that help you work less and STILL bring in the dough.
  2. Strategic Facebook ads to promote your latest offer, lead magnet, or masterclass.
  3. An engaging virtual event that gets all your ideal customers messaging, “I’ll be there!”

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